Our mission – We aim to create a system of information which includes current news, articles, video clips and more, when the common basis to all these is an aspiration to raise positive content full of hope, to the Media and to the public awareness.

The need – The aspiration to show positive content, especially rises in response to the actual media that shows content which is rich in negative elements mainly – fear, separation and desperation. The consistent and almost exclusive exposure to such content causes a distorted perception – the reality seems to be bad, violent and totally corrupted, and we tend to miss all of the good that do happen – every day, every hour and everywhere.

We at The Positive, strive to balance the situation, to shift the media’s spotlight which shines mostly on the negative side today, and to make room for a variety of positive things that happens around us.

What is positive content? – We are aware that ״positive״ and “good” have no absolute definition. Each of us has a different approach for these concepts and not everything that is considered as positive for one, will be the same for another. This is why, we will strive to display content which emphasizes characteristics that are perceived as basic and positive by most of us – bring people together, unification, compassion, tenderness, love and hope.
In addition, we will strict and try to present a the most broad picture of reality we can, with patience and tolerance, trying to listen and understand the different angles through which you can see each reality.

Anyway, “The Positiv” does not consider itself associated with a particular view or position. We believe that positive content has no sector, gender or political affiliation, and wish to give an expression and room for positive content from a wide range of the population as possible.

How? – We will strive to display rich and varied positive content, such as:

Positive current events – daily coverage of positive news and positive angles of events that occur in our lives in a variety of fields – political, social, cultural, scientific, sports and more.

•Articles about projects, places or people with positive and inspiring actions or attitude.

•A platform to post positive content from our community – a place where visitors can share positive stories they encounter on a daily life situation, in different forms – articles, videos, photos and more.

•Content categories – video clips, interviews, opinions,and a variety of different and interesting sectors that reflect the positive attitude of the site.