Hunyuan: Happiness, Health and Long Life

Hunyuan is a way of living And it basically has one mantra to it. It says – in order to have a fulfilled life you need to be happy, You need to be healthy and you need to have a strong life. Meaning live a long life which is also very vital.
So this is the definition and it’s very simple and I’m getting right to the bottom line, which is we need to be happy, healthy and have a strong long life. Anyone disagree?

And I think everyone wants it but oftentimes we get kind of a problem. All of a sudden I’m not happy.. Why?
Because things happen at work or in life. I want to be healthy, I’m trying to eat organic, but all of a sudden my stomach, My back, my head..

And about the long life we all want it and that’s the only thing I can say about it. You know, we hope that it will be fulfilled.

I want to start talking about the heart the way we see it in Hunyuan, and this story start when a man and a woman, a father and mother, start to have a desire to get together and create a new life, and all of a sudden they do what they do, And this life is being created. By the embryo the new life is being created.

In our language in Hunyuan we say what has just happened.. The parents because of their heart generosity or kindness, they participated in creation. And what was created is a purpose and we call it light or illuminating light. You know like a light bulb. Like the sun is illuminating light, Which has many different meanings.

But then the baby is formed.
So first the heart of the baby is forming and then the body of the baby is forming around it. And in this phase, in our language we call it the preheaven phase, meaning the infant inside the womb is in complete universal love like the name of this center. Like he is complete in part of creation because that infant inside of the womb doesn’t have the outside world to connect to, yet. So there is no food, You know Apples, Bananas, even air or day and night, There is just Mommy’s warmth. And this we call it pure heart.

But now, the baby comes out and separates from the mother at least physically when we cut the umbilical cord. And now, the body of the baby and the heart of the baby have a job to do.
They need to start to connect to nature.
They need to breathe air. They need to start to eat food. You know, they need to constantly be connected to nature in a physical way in order to harvest energy. To take energy and then we have more energy. I use the energy but then we take more energy.

And this is one aspect of the heart and this is how I start. This one aspect of the heart is to have what we call, Inclination or desire. Like I need. I need to breathe, I need to eat, I’m hungry, which is what will make our life this light to continue for a hundred years.
This I need, I want, is extremely necessary for us to survive. Without it I don’t want to breathe and if I don’t want to breathe just let’s take a guess what’s going to happen.
So these desires are extremely useful and beneficial and supposed to be there. But it’s just one aspect.

Remember I started this story by saying inside there is a light, and this is before you know there is the desire to seek.

At first the baby is completely in universal love like we are here.
When I start to reflect inwards more and more I realize that it’s not everything about me. I start to realize that this purpose that I had there is the root of becoming happy.
It’s not just the me wanting apples that will make me happy but rather this thing, this purpose that I got. That’s why I started the conversation with that.

At the beginning I’ve got this purpose. This light that needs to illuminate all the time.

So we’re looking for this real thing. We are looking for something that first of all right now will make me happier, stronger and more healthy. So this is a little bit our selfish desire. I really just want to be a little bit more happy, healthy and if possible, if I can live a little longer.

But then there’s also not the selfish thing. It is the real light coming from the inside I really want to. This gift that I got to, you know, spread it. Not for me..

In ancient time for famous Chinese philosopher called munchies, like twenty three hundred years ago – He says when people when they lose their chicken and dogs they know how to run out and look for the chicken and dog. But when they lose their heart they don’t know how to go and find it.
You know, the thing that is most precious we kind of ignore it but things in our possessions, if I lost the chickens in ancient times, you know, you are like “where are my chickens?”. Start go fighting with the neighbors maybe they took a chicken.

So this I think is still valid after a couple of thousand years. The same quest. Like we need to find our heart and It’s really not related or conditioned by any external sings.

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Yaron Seidman

Graduated with a doctorate in Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture, and a practitioner for 3 decades. An advocate of Huai Xuan heart method, a Tai Chi practitioner, lecturer, author and teacher.
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