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Riding Through the Streets of History…

After last year’s huge success, on May 3rd, 2019, Jerusalem will host the GFNY competition for the second year. This year, thousands of riders are expected to compete, including amateurs, professional teams, and youth from all over the world.

The race is a personal challenge as well as competition against other riders, along with spectacular views, and will contain 2 tracks- 72 and 130 km. The first 30 km of the track will go through the city streets and the old city walls, Jaffo gate, Sultan’s pool, Itshak Kariv and, King David streets, government quarters, Israel Museum, Ein Karem, etc.

In addition, this year, as part of a cooperation with the nonprofit Africa2030, a 28 km track will be added under the slogan “Kids For Kids in Africa”. This race will be constrained to the city limits only and is suitable to the public above 14 years old. GFNY races are defined based on the sections in the track: such as climbing steep slopes, riding strong winds, or integrating challenges.

As part of the cooperation, all drinking bottles distributed to the riders and audience along the track, and at the expo fair at the end of the race will be collected in special bins and its deposit money will go to the nonprofit. The Cycling shirts of this track will also bare evidence of the cooperation, as well as selling of Spirulina drinks along with fruits by Alge Mor company that will be sold in the Expo Fair during the two days before the race.

According to Ilan Zviv, one of the Jerusalem GFNY entrepreneurs: “We are happy for this amazing opportunity to have an international sports event assist in raising awareness in the world to the reality in Africa, donate funds to the organization and leave the streets of Jerusalem clean of waste at the same time. I am very happy about this initiative and connection and hope to turn this into a tradition for races to come”.

The Grand Fondue is initiated by the Jerusalem and Heritage Office, the Jerusalem Development Authority and the Jerusalem Municipality and entrepreneurs, Ilan Zaviv, Shawn Gad, Ofer Shitrit, Yaniv Cohen, and the production of “Kefayim”.

According to Zavib, “Today the competition takes place in 20 destinations around the world, such as Indonesia, Brazil, and Italy, and now we have also turned Jerusalem into a fixed point in the competition.” He noted: “We saw last year both in the race and in Jiro de Italy, the tremendous positive impact these races have on the image of Israel and Jerusalem in the world”.

The race tracks fit different levels of riding and there are many repeating participants this year in addition to new groups and riders both from Israel and abroad. “This year’s race is expected to reach about 300 riders from 20 different countries around the world such as Canada, Australia, Philippines, Uruguay, Indonesia, Argentina, Colombia, Hong Kong, Mexico, Brazil and the United States, Holland, Britain, Austria, and Cyprus. “

The Israeli professional cycling team will also participate in the race and set goals for speed and victory. The event is a 3 days bicycle and quality of life event. The day before the race, an EXPO will be held together with the registration of participants. The fair will offer cyclists from Israel and around the world the latest products and brands in the bicycle industry and will include the distribution of kits from GFNY participants in Jerusalem.

For details and registration.



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